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Danshoku 4

Contents: Gay erotic Digital Illustration (all coloured 43pages + 1 Illustrations) - PDF format

Shogun, Iehito was given the rank of the commander-in-chief of an expeditionary force against the barbarians from the Emperor and became a general. Since then, he was praised with the general who wielded both pen and sword. Although he was high in such an honor, he was not able to be given a child with his wife and he even had a concubine, but he was not able to have one yet . . . After a while, it came to be whispered that he likes men more than women behind the scenes . . . Naosuke, which is the main character of this episode four, was grown up in downtown and he was delivering letters and packages for living as an express messenger. He was a father of one, but his earnings are not good enough to support his family comfortably. One day, I discovered that he could earn money quickly as a Kagema, which means a male prostitute. Because of his outgoing character, he became popular . . .





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