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The story is about ancient Rome period. I know I kinda messed up Greek mythology and other mythology, but most of the names of this characters coming from mythologies. The main character is gladiator and begins to fall in love with his mater after being trained to serve his as a sex slave.

Atlas 22yrs 5’7” 121lb

Atlas is the main character of Odine. He is discovered by King Ares while fighting at the colosseum. The king is so pleased to watch his fight. Next day, he is summoned to his palace and appointed as King’s Royal guard. Atlas feels honored this position; however he comes to realize the real duty of this position while going through training. Although the duty is somewhat different from what he expects, he accepts the duty because he starts falling love with King Ares . . .

Clonus 19yrs 5’7” 121lb

He is Atlas’ younger brother. He respects Atlas a lot since they are kids. They always do together and now he is following what his older brother does. Even Atlas is pleased to see his grow. One day he visits a ghetto to discover something new while Atlas was away from home for the training. He encounters Helios and he takes him to a place where he has never experienced in his life . . . and his has life change experience there . . .

King Ares 35 yrs 5’9” 143lb

He has thousands of special guards in his palace. He loves to have sex with a guy(s) every night. He thinks having sex is like having a different kind of food.

Helios 23yrs  5’8”  110lb

He serves and devotes his life to King Ares, sometimes as the closest aide, and sometimes as a strategist next to the king.

Orion 29yrs 5’9” 149lb

He grows up in the countryside and moving to this city to look for a better life with his family. Because he is good at fighting, it is not difficult to find a job for him. He starts working at the palace to guard around the wall. King Ares becomes interested in him when he saw him exercising at the ground. Orion is summoned to the palace to show his martial arts.


Bacchus 20yrs 5’8” 130lb

He is one of King’s Royal guards. He is sent to Orion to train him so that he can be a Royal guard.


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