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Transformation 10 - Dog Show

Contents: Gay erotic Digital Illustration (all coloured 24 pages +3Illustrations) - PDF format

In the last issue Masahiro was prepared for a dog show where he will be dressed as a dog. Time for the event has come, Masahiro and His father in law Shousuke arrived at the place where the event will take place. This time they come together as a Master and his Dog. Shousuke knows damn well that Masahiro likes to be used in public by strangers, do you guys remember the gathering after the town festival in Transformation #2 ? Well this time the crowd is kinkier. Masa will act like a good doggy; he must walk on all fours and search for another dog to mate with to satisfy his kinky master Shousuke. Things will get crazier as a familiar face make an appearance.






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