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Transformation 5

Contents: Gay erotic Digital Illustration (all coloured 21 pages + 4 llustrations) - PDF format

One day, Masahiro received an e-mail with attachments. He opened up the attachment files and they were his sex picture at the orgy party. The sender also implied that some of his sex scenes were captured on camera and he offered some deals . . .

Masahiro was not sure how to respond this e-mail and frustrated with an unreasonable situation. He could not control his anger for this unfair act and the situation made his hidden power awaken as a result. He was not sure if this power was real or not and was not able to figure it out how to use it yet . . .

On the other hand, his role at the church was becoming more important. He completely obeyed father, Shousuke’s order and his twisted love was escalating and indulged in pleasure . . .





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