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Masahiro Uesugi (35 yrs, 5’9”, 143lb)

He is the main character of Transformation. Masahiro and his brother lost their parents by car accident when they were very young and their parent’s friend, Shousuke adopted them. He was a well-known rugby player when he was a university student, but he injured his legs by motorcycle accident and he had to give up becoming a professional player. He married with Shousuke’s real daughter at the age of 30 and he became a missionary to help his father in law’s church.

*I originally made His brother, Hiroto as a main character; however, I realized that Masahiro was more attractive and I could make more story easily, so I switched the main character.

Shousuke Uesugi (50 yrs, 5'9" 176lb)

He married once and had one child, Sachiyo who married with Masahiro. He was also a rugby player when he was young and he was coaching at a university where Masahiro went. He became a priest after his father passed away to take care of his church.

Hiroto Uesugi (20 yrs, 5'8", 121lb)

He is studying Information technology at a university.

Ken Sawaguchi (36 yrs, 5'9", 140lb)

He is a chief editor at Macho Press. He actively attends variety of events to write an interesting article on Macho Press. He is also a good photographer.

Daisuke Matsuyama (37 yrs, 5'9", 140lb)

He was Masahiro’s senior and playing rugby with him. There was a rumor that Matsuyama was Shousuke’s boy friend because he always had a meeting with Shousuke at his office.

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