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Atom is the main character of Voyage. He is an adventurer who takes a trip to the Milky Way. . . He is biologically created humanoid so called Cronoid . . . it is the offspring of two (or more) different species. The difference between cronoid and hybrid is that cronoid was created completely different species, such as crossbreeding of mammals and insects and so on . . .


He is being captured at Planet Gais for a while. Although he is sold to Atom as a slave; however,Atom treates him as a human and he begins to trust Atom. . .


He is an insector who lives in M615planet. He attacks Atom and Osiric at the begining, but he understands that they're just a traveler.


She is the queen of the inspector. She tells Atom that she sees some meteor fall down to the earth near her colony. That might be the one he is looking for . . .


He is only there to mate the queen to support her to produce eggs. When he is not mating with her, he is being taken care of other male insectors.

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